Khaled La

Hero image: As he works, Khaled La transforms into EL3aryane – slipping into an other space – killing the beast!

Insgesamt ist diese selbstgewählte Isolation während der ersten Corona-Monate im Senegal ein Segen: 14 Wochen voller Kunst, Erkenntnis und Licht. Wir brachten das Werkzeug mit – und bekamen diesen einen Moment geschenkt. Das es der einzige Wimpernschlag sein sollte, den wir mit Khaled verbringen, konnten wir alle nicht ahnen.

The Story of Khaled La alias El3aryane

07. Februar 1992* – 03. Januar 2021†

Während der Corona-Restriktionen habe ich das Glück, gemeinsam mit dem algerischen Künstler El3aryane in der Zebrabar, Saint-Louis Senegal ein Kunst-Happening zu veranstalten, das über mehr als ein viertel Jahr läuft. Es entstehen Videos, Interviews, Landart, Musik und alles mündet in einer spektakulären Online-Vernissage, die gleichzeitig aber auch das Ende unseres Paradieses bedeutet. Wie tragisch dieses Finale sein wird, wussten wir zu dem Zeitpunkt noch nicht.

Wenige Monate später findet man Khaled tot in seinem Apartment in Casablanca – für alle seine Freunde bleibt die Todesursache ungeklärt. Für seine Mutter, seine beiden Schwestern und uns alle bereitet der Verlust dieses außergewöhnlichen und liebenswerten Menschen einen unbeschreiblichen, für immer bleibenden Schmerz.

Crossing the Wurmloch to find a new Galaxi

Khaled La alias EL3aryane


The Beginning March 2020 – Corona.
💬 The world seems to go mad. All countries are shutting down. Confinement becoming mandatory. Currently in Senegal, with a few travelers. Situation may last for months. We decide to stock up and head to the forest. What can possibly go wrong? Life is a game, and I’m addicted to winning. The next days promise to be very exciting. Happy Corona. ✅ Khaled La

El Altar del Ego – Die Geburt des Übermenschen
The birth of the Ego

Big language-mix ahead.
💬 In a nutshell: Confined in paradise, having a first exhibition tomorrow, an actual e-xhibition, if the network allows it. Will be in Spanish „surtitled“ German. More details on the event page.
Bonjour les confinés, comment allez-vous? Pour vous aider à tromper l’ennui, je vous offre un moment de détente, en art. Signe des temps nouveaux, cette premiere exposition sera en ligne. Une vraie e-xhibtion. Avec un grand merci à Ursula et Martin pour me laisser la liberté de m’amuser au Zebrabar, et à Heike Krueger d’avoir trouvé de l’intérêt en mes jeux d’enfant. L’exposition, en Espagnol sur-titrée Allemand sera live demain 17h30 GMT – si le réseau nous le permet. ✅ Khaled La

Conceited in Confinement

El Altar del Ego | Die Geburt des Übermenschen, El 3aryane, live Zebrabar Senegal, Installation, April 9, 2020
El Altar del Ego | Die Geburt des Übermenschen, My Portrait of Khaled La inbetween his Art

💬 Online Vernissage Zebrabar Senegal – local time 5:00 pm – european time 19.00 – April 10, 2020. El3aryane—ageless citizen of the world—invites us for a journey through his inststallation. ✅ Khaled La

Der zeitlose Weltkünstler El3aryane lädt uns ein zu einer Reise in seine Installation.

El Altar del Ego | Die Geburt des Übermenschen, El 3aryane, Vernissage

Jacques Dutronc dirait:
💬 „Des milliers de morts du Corona, Et moi, et moi, et moi, Avec mes histoires de Zarathoustra, Et toute la biere que je m’envoie, Plus j’y pense plus je me dis, Que c’est ça qu’est la vie“ Ou pas. ✅ Khaled La

El Altar del Ego | Die Geburt des Übermenschen — Online Vernissage, April 15, 2020
💬 In partnership with Krüger Corporate Art, during Corona confinement. Die El Altar Del Ego invites us for a journey through the never-ending always-repeating process of personal growth for finding the sun within and glowing in the impersonal Kingdom of One. The first part of the series ,Die Geburt des Übermenschen’ is an analogy of the self-hypnosis exercise the artist engages in every night in bed, a meditative state that allows him to feather off the affects of the day before stepping into the realm of the night. #Conscience #Ego #ÜbermenschKhaled La

💬 La critique dit que c’est moyen, qu’il y a trop d’effets.
„Je prouverai que la critique n’a rien pour faire de la critique“, Charles Aznavour ✅ Khaled La


La Critique de la Critique

New Art Project with Krüger Corporate Art at Zebrabar, May 3, 2020.
💬 La critique, in C minor, said „There has been Kant, then Einstein, and now Khaled“ It resonated into my ear like sweet honey in C major.Anyway, here we go again: La Critique de La Critique: Bringing Kant to the 21st century. ✅ Khaled La

💬 Artists have their heads in the clouds while philosophers keep their feet on the ground. Draped in beauty, the truth must lie somewhere in between. ✅ Khaled La

Blessed to have found such an amazing and generous person along my way. Words cannot describe the support I received from you ❤

Kahled called me his Godmother
I will never forget star gazing with Khaled. We took my spotting scope and he showed me all stars which he knew by name. I dedicate this Sketch to Khaled – with all my love – May 15, 2020

El Altar del Ego – the death of the Ego

💬The mural “Taming the Beast” is the result of Voodoo practices to call on the spirits for support before tackling the main project “La Critique de La Critique”, a personal take on “Pure and Practical Reason” of Emmanuel Kant.
As the mural approached its end, I realized I was once again coming to face with my fears of failure and ridicule. I was yet again facing my beast within: my ego. However, this time, I decided to act on it instead of just accepting it. The spirits proving useless against my inner devil, I went to God directly. She showed the way, she did the job, she killed the beast… ✅ Khaled La
#videoart by @khaled_el3aryane taken at #zebrabarsenegal #senegal

The mural “Taming the Beast”, June 2, 2020

💬 „Si l’idée n’était pas diablement géniale, on serait tenté de l’appeler superlativement stupide“, Schiller

La Critique de La Critique

La Critique de La Critique – Day 2

June 6, 2020 The worlds of phenomena and noumena.
💬 The sensible world as we know it is just what we make of it. The other, intelligible, inner-world, is purely speculative. What can we know? More to come soon.

Depuis un moment je me dis Aritste-Philosophe. Allez, philosophons en art maintenant! ✅ Khaled La

La Critique de La Critique Day 1 – My new thing is to paint stuff and have exhibitions to talk philosophy. Feel free to join😉 

La Critique de La Critique – Day 2

June 7, 2020
💬 Short interview series to get to know each other before our Vernissage on Sunday, June 14, 06.14 5PM GMT. Follow our Facebook event page on Krüger Corporate Art. ✅ Khaled La

La Critique de La Critique – Day 2

La Critique de La Critique – Day 3

June 8, 2020
💬 Philosophy taught me: whatever you believe in can be called „Subjective Bullshit“! ✅ Khaled La

La Critique de La Critique Day 3 | Live event from paradise Sunday, June 14, 06.14 @5PM GMT.

La Critique de La Critique – Day 4

💬 Short interview series to get to know each other before our Vernissage on Sunday, June 14, 06.14 5PM GMT. ✅ Khaled La

June 9, 2020 | La Critique de La Critique – Day 4 | Musique de circonstance: Petite Noir – La Vie est Belle

June 10, 2020 | La Critique de La Critique – Day 5 | 💬 Mysticism taught me: „Who banged Big when Big banged?“
Or more prosaically: „God, I see you“ ✅ Khaled La

La Critique de La Critique – Day 5

💬 One day this will all make sense 🙆🏻‍♂️🙃Khaled La

June 13, 2020 | La Critique de La Critique – Day 7: Short Interview III…
…with an extract of the original music created by Disquame for the show.
Live DJ Set by Disquame at 4PM GMT.

Online Vernissage, June 14, 2020

See full video on facebook >>
See full video on facebook >>